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Professional Garage Door Cable Repair Since 1990

Five Star Doors is a family run operation servicing S.E. Michigan communities for over twenty five years. Our service technicians are very good in all aspects of garage door and opener repair. We as all door repair companies should do, provide you an over the phone estimate based on your understanding what type of door you have. We don’t have any trip fees and we don’t pressure or upsell any product or service. We have serviced over 100,000 homes in Metro Detroit and for over 25 years continue to be the overall best rated garage door repair company.

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Is The Bottom Of Your Door Higher On One Side Over The Other?

Garage doors that operate with torsion springs, the cables are basically the glue that ties the system together. Cables run from the bottom of each side of your door attached to a bracket. Above the door, the cables are attached by two drums. When the door is opened/closed the cables wind/unwind from the drums. 

garage door that came off its tracks

If you have a broken cable, the door will most likely tilt to one side. Trying to open and/or close the door may lead to your door coming off it’s track(s) and may lead to serious injury or property damage

​If you have a broken cable, the door will most likely tilt to one side. Trying to open and/or close the door may lead to your door coming off it’s track(s) and may lead to serious injury or property damage

Garage Door Cable Repair- Is the Cable Loose or Broken?

Broken Garage Door Torsion Spring 

On single doors with only one torsion spring, a broken spring will eliminate 100% of the cable tension. This may result in the door falling hard to the ground, therefore, unwinding the cables in the process. Since broken torsion springs are the most common garage door repair, it is also the most frequent cause of cables coming off their drums. At Five Star Doors, our policy is if a door has only one spring we add a second spring that way if one spring snaps, the remaining spring can support the door until it can be replaced. This eliminates any chance of the door damaging or someone getting hurt by the door free falling to the ground. 

broken cable on garage door
Broken Cable Which Caused The Garage Door To Come Of Track

Door Closing On Item 

Following a close second, the door closing on items left in the path as the garage door closes. For example, a broom handle stuck in the door track that avoids the opener sensors sending the door in reverse causing the cable to slip or bounce off the cable drum. 

Improper Door Balance 

For One reason or another six out of ten garage doors, we come across are out of balance from having the incorrect size springs on the door. Creating a safety hazard, shortening the life of the opener and possibly causing the cable to slip off the drum. 

The prior company installs springs engineered to lift a 210lb. door but the door only weighs 170 Lbs. The door is 40lbs out of balance and is too light. To compensate, the technician would reduce the number of spring winds. By decreasing spring winds it will keep the door closed, but now there are not enough spring winds to keep sufficient cable tension on the drums, and may result in the cable(s) coming off the drums. 

Broken Cable 

Garage Door cables are exposed to moisture and cold weather in many Michigan garages and tend to rust or fray easily and then snap. Five Star Doors uses Aircraft rated galvanized steel garage door cables for either torsion spring, or extension spring systems. 

Five Additional Reasons To Call Five Star Doors

  • We’ll send a trained, uniformed service technician to your home within hours of calling — not days
  • We’ll examine your tracks, rollers, and garage door assembly for damage, and then expertly reinstall your garage door.
  • We’ll evaluate and adjust your track and roller alignment, making sure your door is perfectly level and safe to use
  • The entire garage door system is checked, lubricated, parts tightened where appropriate. Finally, any recommendations are explained that will improve and/or extend the life of your garage door system
  • Broken Cable Replacement $44.00 pair + standard service call fee’s may apply.

Why Choose Us

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Safe & Secure

We take the repair and replacement of garage door cables very seriously and always have the homeowner & family best interest & safety in mind.


Outstanding Support

We personally answer all calls & will work with you to accommodate your busy schedule. We have the best trained, competent, door – opener installation & repair specialists in the industry.


Low Cost

Cable Replacement Service includes: A 20-Point Safety Inspection, Lubricated, Parts Tightened Where Appropriate. Suggestions That Will Improve & Extend The Life Of Your Garage Door System for about 1/2 the cost of our closest competition

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Service Hours

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Sat- Sun 7:30 AM - 2:00 PM

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